Academics Stand Against Poverty (ASAP) is an international network helping scholars, teachers and students enhance their impact on global poverty. It does so by promoting collaboration amongst poverty-focused academics, by helping them reach out to broader audiences on issues of poverty, and by helping them turn their expertise into impact through intervention projects.

ASAP members include moral and political theorists, economists, environmental scientists, public health experts, and scholars from a range of other disciplines.


ASAP helps bring important academic work on global poverty to public audiences, policy makers and NGOs worldwide. It provides a forum for introducing new ideas on addressing global poverty and supports members in their own outreach efforts through information sharing and technical assistance.


ASAP helps academics use their research to develop concrete solutions to problems associated with global poverty and to launch their own, research-informed intervention projects. ASAP also helps harness academic expertise worldwide for anti-poverty projects in such areas as aid, trade, health care, education, nutrition and climate change.


ASAP helps academics worldwide connect and collaborate on addressing global poverty and related problems. Opportunities are provided at ASAP conferences, through web-based meetings and through the group’s online networking site. ASAP also helps academics find and collaborate with salient NGOs and policy makers at the governmental and inter-governmental levels.