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Sustainable Development Goals: A Better Pact is Possible!

August 10, 2014 in Featured Articles, Homepage

Despite some clear positives, the draft text of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) does not fulfill its self-proclaimed purpose of inspiring and guiding a concerted international effort to eradicate severe poverty everywhere in all its forms. We offer some critical comments on the proposed agreement...

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ASAP Sets Ambitious Targets for Impact, Outreach and Collaboration in 2014-17 Strategic Plan

July 8, 2014 in Featured Articles

ASAP will launch a flagship ‘Global Colleagues’ project, produce expert survey reports on illicit financial flows and global poverty priorities, and expand into issue campaigns under its first formal strategic plan.  (Full plan appears below this article and can be downloaded here.) The plan, covering...

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Impact Stories: Prof. Martha Chen on Informal Economies, the Working Poor and Being an ‘Activist Academic’

May 19, 2014 in Featured Articles, Homepage

In 1997, Chen helped found, Women in Informal Employment: Globalizing and Organizing (WIEGO), a “global research-policy network that seeks to improve the status of the working poor, especially women, in the informal economy.”

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ASAP Welcomes Dynamic New Global Board Members and Officers

May 14, 2014 in Featured Articles, Homepage

Academics Stand Against Poverty has added significantly to its poverty and organizational expertise with the appointment of three new members to its Global Board of Directors, as well as communications and web officers. Joining the Board are Helen Yanacopulos of the Open University in the United Kingdom...

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Large Audience, Rich Dialogue at Launch Conference for Delhi’s Nyaya Global Justice Programme

April 28, 2014 in Featured Articles, Homepage

An audience of nearly 500 joined the conversation with political theorists and philosophers, development scholars, journalists, physical scientists and NGO practitioners at the launch conference for Nyaya: The Global Justice Programme at the University of Delhi. The conference, “Global Justice and...

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Prof. Jason Sharman on Pressuring Governments and Banks on Corruption

March 4, 2014 in Featured Articles, Homepage

This latest ASAP Impact Story profiles Prof. Jason Sharman of Griffith University in Brisbane, Australia, whose recent work has been instrumental in exposing widespread corruption among Papua New Guinea (PNG) government officials. Millions of dollars, Sharman has found, are being siphoned from PNG government...

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Impact Stories: SOAS PhD Student Robtel Neajai Pailey Uses Innovative Methods to Tackle Corruption in Her Native Liberia

February 24, 2014 in Featured Articles, Homepage

Elaine Kellman speaks with Robtel Neajai Pailey, a Mo Ibrahim Foundation Ph.D. Scholar at the School of Oriental and African Studies (SOAS), University of London, who is battling corruption in Liberia.

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New Legal Reference: Human Rights and Climate Change Policy-making

January 15, 2014 in Featured Articles, Homepage

The Center for International Sustainable Development Law, Academics Stand Against Poverty, and the Governance, Environment & Markets Initiative at Yale University have developed a new legal reference guide that examines the connections between climate change and human rights, with a particular focus...

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Nicole Hassoun: Harnessing Consumer Choice to Drive Global Health Impact

November 20, 2013 in Featured Articles, Homepage

Nicole Hassoun, Associate Professor of Philosophy at the University of Binghamton, is working to harness the power of socially conscious consumers to motivate pharmaceutical companies to meet the health needs of people in poverty. She has recently created an index that ranks drug companies according...

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Impact Stories: Paul Jackson on Helping to Re-integrate Former Rebel Fighters in Nepal

October 16, 2013 in Featured Articles

In this profile article, Gabriel Neely-Streit speaks with conflict and reconstruction expert Prof. Paul Jackson. Over the past three years, Prof. Jackson has been advising authorities in Nepal on integrating some 20,000 Maoist former guerrillas into the Nepali Army or civilian life.