Participatory and Inclusive Decision-making


ASAP’s flagship project in the area of Participatory and Inclusive Decision-Making is the Participatory and Inclusive Consultation for the Post-MDGs.

Background: The UN is holding thematic consultations with academia, media, private sector, employers and trade unions, civil society and decision makers on the post-MDG development agenda. The discussion is meant to provide a critical evaluation of how the MDGs have worked as a framework, identify what has worked well and areas for improvement, especially in response to current development challenges.

Our Aim: The UN wishes to ensure that the post-MDG consultations are genuinely participatory and inclusive. To this end, ASAP is working with Beyond 2015 to develop a general methodology proposal, that is backed by research, for ensuring that the post-MDG consultations are genuinely inclusive, particularly, of those who are living in severe poverty.