Elizabeth Anderson, Arthur F. Thurnau Professor and John Rawls Collegiate Professor of
Philosophy and Womens Studies at the University of Michigan

Seyla Benhabib, Eugene Mayer Professor of Philosophy and Political Science and
Director of the Program in Ethics, Politics, and Economics at Yale University.

Lyn Carson, Professor of Applied Politics, School of Humanities and Communication Arts, University of
Western Sydney

John Dryzek, Professor of Political Science at the Australian National University and Australian Research
Council Federation Fellow

Meena Krishnamurthy, Assistant Professor of Philosophy and Associate Director of the
Centre for Professional and Applied Ethics, University of Manitoba

Vijayendra Rao, Lead Economist, World Bank

Charles Sabel, Maurice T. Moore Professor of Law and Social Science at Columbia Law

Gilad Tanay, Ph.D. Candidate, Yale University

Catarina Tully, Director of From Over Here

Mark Warren, Professor of Political Socience and Harold and Dorrie Merilees Chair in the Study of

Scott Wisor, Research Fellow in the Centre for Moral, Social, and Political Theory in the
School of Philosophy at the Australian National University

Melissa Williams, Professor of Political Science, University of Toronto

Bettina von Lieres, Centre for Critical Development Studies at the University of Toronto Scarborough