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Impact Stories: SOAS PhD Student Robtel Neajai Pailey Uses Innovative Methods to Tackle Corruption in Her Native Liberia

February 24th, 2014
Elaine Kellman speaks with Robtel Neajai Pailey, a Mo Ibrahim Foundation Ph.D. Scholar at the School of Oriental and African Studies (SOAS), University of London, who is battling corruption in Liberia. Read More

Primera Reunión de ASAP México

January 30th, 2014
ASAP México celebrará su Primera Reunión Oficial el próximo martes 4 de febrero de los corrientes a las 16:00 hrs. en la Sala José Gaos, Instituto de Investigaciones  Filosóficas de la Universidad Nacional... Read More

Q & ASAP: “If you don’t eradicate poverty, then you are going to live behind bars and fences:” David Hulme on the MDG Legacy and New Goal to End Severe Poverty by 2030

August 12th, 2013
In this second piece in ASAP’s series on the Millennium Development Goals replacement dialogue, contributing writer Robaiya Nusrat speaks to Professor David Hulme, Executive Director of the Brooks World Poverty... Read More

Q & ASAP — AFTER THE MDGs: Thomas Pogge Sees Some Promise, Many Potential Pitfalls in First Official Recommendations for Millennium Development Goals Replacement Effort

June 23rd, 2013
The UN’s High-Level Panel has now issued its detailed recommendations for global poverty alleviation efforts to replace the Millennium Development Goals project, which expires in 2015. The panel, headed by UK... Read More

Impact Strategy: Fred Carden Shares Insights from 23-Country Study of Academic Influence on Poverty Policy

May 15th, 2013
When it comes to influencing government anti-poverty efforts, the policy climate matters, Fred Carden notes, but so does the researcher’s focus on actually having an impact. “If you’re not trying to do it... Read More

Canadian Team Supports Haitian Academics and Students in the Aftermath of Devastating 2010 Earthquake

April 27th, 2013
Articles in the Impact: Global Poverty Series have thus far focused on researchers seeking to have a more direct impact on aspects of poverty alleviation policy or practice. This article focuses on teaching as well... Read More

Impact Stories: Sukhadeo Thorat on Putting Caste onto India’s Poverty Research and Policy Agenda

March 15th, 2013
As a young boy, Sukhadeo Thorat felt humiliation when an upper caste child slapped his face for inadvertently touching the communal well. As a teen-ager, he felt anger when he and other local dalits (former untouchables)... Read More

Q&A with Professor Alan Fenwick on Initiative Treating Millions Suffering from Neglected Tropical Diseases

February 11th, 2013
Here is the latest in a series of profiles of academic difference makers produced as part of ASAP’s Impact: Global Poverty project. In this article, project Contributing Editor Sumaiyah Moolla interviews Professor... Read More

The Millennium Development Goals and Beyond: Virtual Roundtable with Branko Milanovic, Gus Ranis, Varun Gauri and Thomas Pogge

October 1st, 2012
This 'virtual roundtable' features interviews with four prominent commentators on development and global poverty: Varun Gauri is a Senior Economist in the Development Research Group of the World Bank; Branko... Read More

Number Games: India’s Declining Poverty Figures Based on Flawed Estimation method; Accurate Figures Show 75 Percent in Poverty

August 25th, 2012
In this featured article, Utsa Patnaik, Professor of Economics (Retired) at Jawaharlal Nehru University in New Delhi, argues that the Indian government massively undercounts the poor because the consumption standard... Read More

Enhancing Impact: Tips for Working With the Media

July 17th, 2012
Benjamin Hill / Public Relations Manager, University of Birmingham / Interacting with the media (in whatever form) allows your research to reach thousands or even millions of people, through TV, press, blogs... Read More

Academics Stand Against Poverty: The Story So Far

July 16th, 2012
Keith Horton / ASAP Board Member Lecturer in Philosophy, University of Wollongong / / I floated the original ASAP proposal in 2009 and, in partnership with Meena Krishnamurthy, made the first... Read More

Backgrounder: Successors to the MDGs

July 16th, 2012
Knut-Eric Joslin SUCCESSORS TO THE MDGs: A SUMMARY REPORT The next two years will be a formative period for potential successors to the Millennium Development Goals, and a significant policy dialogue has already... Read More

“Lighting Many Fires” With ASAP

July 15th, 2012
Here are Thomas Pogge's closing comments at the “Impact: Global Poverty” meeting to launch ASAP in the UK, held at the University of Birmingham. He offers thoughts on the global potential of ASAP, as well as... Read More
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