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Academics Stand Against Poverty (ASAP) is a global professional association that empowers academics to make greater impact on severe poverty.

Guided by our members and extensive network of chapters, we produce evidence for alternative narratives and policies with respect to the world’s poor.

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Call for Essays  Toward Food Security in Africa (Journal ASAP)

If you are interested in contributing an essay to this Special Issue (no cost for authors), please read the full invitation HERE and send a 500-word proposal by 1 March 2023 to Kevin Ouko at

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At the Food System's webinar, @ThomasPogge noted a need for a concerted effort to restructure the African food sector.

To continue this conversation, @Journal_ASAP is calling for papers on Food Security in Africa

Click on the link below to learn more

ASAP works hard to bring awareness to human rights abuses globally, and Oh Scarlet- a short film, directed by Yash Saini & Myrhna James does exactly that as well.

Support this film by watching it at this link

Call for Essays – Toward Food Security in Africa (Journal ASAP)
Interested in contributing an essay to this Special Issue (no cost for authors)? Click the link below for more information
You can also email Kevin Ouko at

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ASAP is a global network of academics and researchers conducting research and advocacy in the service of poverty eradication.

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ASAP welcomes academics, researchers, students and development specialists to join our growing network. If you are interested in getting involved or learning more about our work, you can either complete the registration form or contact ASAP directly on:

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“ASAP and its chapter network host conferences, workshops and symposiums, assembling leading figures in global poverty research and thousands of likeminded academics from around the world.”