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ASAP Membership

ASAP welcomes academics, researchers, students and development specialists to join our growing network.

If you are interested in getting involved or learning more about our work, you can either complete the registration form or contact ASAP directly on:

We have a particular interest in supporting the work of academics who focus on research that has a practical impact on the group.

About being member

ASAP is a global network of academics with practical and specialist interests in how to tackle poverty. Members are a mix of discipline specialists, those who undertake field work, and those who explore principles and good practice.

Our membership is multidisciplinary and diverse including practitioners and moral philosophers.

ASAP exists to:
⦁ Connect academics from the Global South with colleagues elsewhere in the world
⦁ Support collaboration amongst multidisciplinary academics on projects and research concerning poverty
⦁ Access to funding through the awards and initiatives ASAP supports to accelerate research and insight in areas of underrepresented research
⦁ To help academics and their work to be useful to practitioners

We use our existing well-funded network of academics to support academics across the world to work across boundaries and disciplines, and we do so in a way that enables academics to use these connections to build on their own research and to foster opportunities to amplify the reach and impact of this work.


What members do:

ASAP members can join individually as Chapter members:
⦁ collaborating with likeminded researchers from around the world
⦁ proposing and participating in evidence-based solutions
⦁ influencing the public, media and policymakers to push for institutional reform

What our members said about ASAP:

ASAP_Member_Survey_2020_Report_(1) (2)

Member benefits

Become a member and you will:
⦁ Be invited to our quarterly online network calls
⦁ Have first access to invitations to new awards and initiatives led by ASAP
⦁ Be invited to attend and present your research at our Annual Conference at Yale
⦁ Have access to the directory of the academics within our multidisciplinary network
⦁ Have the opportunity to have your research published in the ASAP Journal
⦁ Receive our newsletter including news of work happening across the network, funding opportunities and new research published
⦁ Access to research and opportunities to share your work

How to register

Please complete the following details:

Once you have completed your contact details one of our team will be in touch to register you as a member and to provide details of information and activities happening across the network.

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