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About ASAP


Academics Stand Against Poverty (ASAP) is an international community of scholars and researchers working to confront the rules and practices that perpetuate global poverty and advocate for targeted, evidence-based reforms. In a “post-truth”, “alternative facts” world, never has our work been more important.

We focus on structural drivers of poverty such as:

  • illicit financial flows and tax havens
  • imbalanced trade agreements and intellectual property laws
  • economic policies such as austerity and deregulation
  • regulatory capture and lack of democracy in global governance
  • climate change and ecological destruction
  • human rights abuses like trafficking, slavery, forced migration and statelessness

We seek to make rigorous, cutting-edge research available to journalists and the broader public to shift conventional narratives about the causes of and solutions to poverty, and to encourage citizen engagement.

Global Collaboration

ASAP is a truly global association. With a strong presence among universities and academics in the global South, we focus on creating opportunities for those who face barriers to full participation in global academic dialogue. Our wide network links like-minded professors, students and researchers from different disciplines around the world to formulate and articulate policy reforms at both national and international levels.

Our growing network of national and regional chapters is the driving force behind our impact on global poverty. A unique online platform links chapters to ASAP Global and to one another, facilitating collaboration between academics worldwide. Through this system, ASAP members can propose interventions, then implement them collaboratively with other members and with the assistance of ASAP Global.

Leadership & Governance

ASAP’s governance model reflects our commitment to democratic and participatory leadership. ASAP Global is led by a horizontal three member Executive Committee, assisted by ASAP’s Global Coordinator and governed by a Board of Directors comprised of diverse academics from around the world, including chapter representatives.

More Information

To read more about the motivation for ASAP, please see this article by Thomas Pogge and Luis Cabrera. For an overview of the historical development of ASAP, have a look at this essay written by Keith Horton.

For more information about the people involved in ASAP, please also see our board members and officers, our advisory board and our staff and volunteers