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Staff and Volunteers

As an organization, ASAP has a number of staff and volunteers whose commitment and contributions are vital to the success of our work.

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Zeke Ngcobo has a Master’s in Public Health which she received at Sahmyook University in Seoul, South Korea. She interned for Sahmyook Hands, an initiative connected to the Thailand Health Ministry that focused on health education. 

In her research on ease of access to simple informative health literature among low-income communities in South Africa, she discovered that there were very few resources or platforms that curated complex academic information into ‘understandable’ text for the average person. This led to the development and launching of the website  All Things Public Health, which is dedicated to increasing health literacy amongst previously disadvantaged communities.

While working as a global coordinator for Academics Stand Against Poverty (ASAP), Zeke continues to work with disadvantaged or low-income communities through initiatives such as the Health Impact Fund (HIF)  and the Global Justice program.

Staff: Zeke Ngcobo – Global Coordinator


 ASAP could not operate without the dedicated support of its members, who all work in a voluntary capacity and our dedicated small team of volunteers who work directly with ASAP Global to support our network.

  • David Jin, Health Sciences, McMaster University, Canada; Global Social Media Team
  • Maheen Iqbal, Yale University, New Haven, United States; Global Social Media Team

If you are interested in supporting a global network of academics to improve their reach and impact to help the world’s poorest and can spare a few hours a week, we would love to hear from you.

This is an exciting time for ASAP as we are looking to expand and strengthen our Chapter networks so skills and experience in communication and public engagement would be welcomed.

To speak to the team about volunteering email: