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Staff and Volunteers

As an organization, ASAP has a number of staff and volunteers whose commitment and contributions are vital to the success of our work.

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Sebastien Tabash is the new Interim Global Coordinator for Academics Stand Against Poverty (ASAP). Sebastien steps into this pivotal role during Zeke Ngcobo’s temporary leave, bringing a wealth of knowledge and experience to our organization.

Sebastien holds a Bachelor’s degree in Government and History from Georgetown University, where his academic journey ignited his passion for addressing pressing global issues. His educational background perfectly aligns with ASAP’s mission to combat poverty and promote justice.

During his time at Georgetown, Sebastien’s focus on history centered around the Middle Eastern and North African regions, particularly examining constitutionalist movements in the Arab world during the early modern period. This deep exploration allowed him to gain a nuanced understanding of the socio-political dynamics in these regions, which is invaluable for ASAP’s work on global poverty and justice.

Interim Global Coordinator: Sebastien Tabash

As a Government student, Sebastien conducted extensive research on critical issues, including the root causes of gun violence among children and the housing crisis in the United States. His dedication to understanding and addressing these complex societal challenges demonstrates his commitment to driving positive change.

In addition to his role as the technical editor for ASAP Journal, Sebastien serves as a Fellow of the Yale Global Justice Program. This program brings together scholars from across the globe to delve into the moral dimensions of foreign policy and transnational institutional arrangements. Sebastien’s involvement underscores his dedication to advancing ideas of global justice and health, which are at the core of ASAP’s mission.

With Sebastien’s extensive background in government, history, and global justice, we are confident that he will excel in his role as Interim Global Coordinator. His passion for addressing poverty and his commitment to ASAP’s values make him a valuable addition to our team during Zeke’s absence.


 ASAP could not operate without the dedicated support of its members, who all work in a voluntary capacity and our dedicated small team of volunteers who work directly with ASAP Global to support our network.

  • Ethan Carrion, Quinnipiac University, Hamden, United States; Global Social Media Team
  • David Jin, Health Sciences, McMaster University, Canada; Global Social Media Team
  • Maheen Iqbal, Yale University, New Haven, United States; Global Social Media Team

If you are interested in supporting a global network of academics to improve their reach and impact to help the world’s poorest and can spare a few hours a week, we would love to hear from you.

This is an exciting time for ASAP as we are looking to expand and strengthen our Chapter networks so skills and experience in communication and public engagement would be welcomed.

To speak to the team about volunteering email: