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ASAP is proud to manage a portfolio of awards. Each fund we are responsible for has a specific theme or focus. We are immensely grateful to our partners and sponsors for their support, without them this important strand of our work would not be possible.

ASAP has run a number awards over the years and made the expansion of this area of our work a strategic priority.

Ambedkar Grants for Advancing Poverty Eradication

AGAPE is an initiative by Academics Stand Against Poverty (ASAP), an international community of scholars and researchers working to confront the rules and practices that perpetuate global poverty and to initiate targeted, evidence-based reforms. This initiative commemorates and honors Dr. B.R. Ambedkar, India’s foremost promoter of poverty eradication

The Annual Amartya Sen Prize

This year, Global Financial Integrity, Academics Stand Against Poverty, and Yale’s Global Justice Program will be awarding the Annual Amartya Sen Prize to the two best original essays examining one particular component of illicit financial flows, the resulting harms, and possible avenues of reform. Essays should be about 7,000 to 9,000 words long. There is a first prize of USD 5,000 and a second prize of USD 3,000. Winning essays must be available for publication in Journal Academics Stand Against Poverty.

We welcome authors from diverse academic disciplines and from outside the academy. Please send your entry by email attachment on or before 31 August 2024 to Tom Cardamone at While your message should identify you, your essay should be stripped of self-identifying references, formatted for blind review.

Journal ASAP Awards

The Journal ASAP, in partnership with Academics Stand Against Poverty and the Yale University Global Justice Program, is conferring three annual awards for scholarly works on poverty. Nominations for books published in 2023 are now open. The deadline for nominations is July 31, 2024.

An ASAP Lifetime Achievement Award for constructive work related to poverty.

An ASAP Book of the Year Award for the best book on a poverty-related subject, published in 2023 and written by a single author or group of authors.

An ASAP Book of the Year Award for the best collection of poverty-related essays by different authors published in 2023.

Eligible work may contribute to the definition, description, explanation, assessment or eradication of poverty and attend to any of the special challenges poor people face in regard to nutrition, water, shelter, health and health care, sanitation, clothing and personal care, energy, education, social and political participation and respect, physical safety, family planning, environmental degradations and hazards, working conditions in employment and at home, navigating governmental agencies and the legal system, banking and credit, travel and transportation, and communications.

To send a nomination or for any questions or comments, contact Michal Apollo at

The 2023 inaugural winners are

  1. Henry Shue (Oxford) – ASAP Lifetime Achievement Award.
  2. Darrel Moellendorf – ASAP Book of the Year Award for his monograph Mobilizing Hope: Climate Change and Global Poverty.
  3. Kayleigh Garthwaite, Ruth Patrick, Maddy Power, Anna Tarrant, and Rosalie Warnock for their anthology COVID-19 Collaborations: Researching Poverty and Low-Income Family Life during the Pandemic.

For more details on this years funds please refer to the individual award pages in the links.