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Academics Stand Against Poverty (ASAP) is a global professional association that empowers academics to make greater impact on severe poverty.

Guided by our members and extensive network of chapters, we produce evidence for alternative narratives and policies with respect to the world’s poor.

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In a groundbreaking development that can reshape the global economic landscape, the African Union (AU) has officially been included in the pivotal Group of Twenty (G20).

This monumental decision, which promises to bring Africa’s voice to the forefront of international economic discussions, is a triumph for inclusivity and a testament to the collective advocacy of organizations and voices worldwide.

Among those voices, ASAP stands tall as a proud advocate for this historic milestone.

A Seat at the Table

The G20, comprising the world’s major economies, plays a pivotal role in shaping international economic policies and addressing global challenges. Historically, the AU has been excluded from this influential forum, despite the continent’s immense potential and growing economic significance. However, this has changed with the recent announcement of the AU’s inclusion, marking a significant turning point in international diplomacy.


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