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Linking Academics and Researchers​

Research and Projects

ASAP is a global network and our primary purpose is to support and connect our global network of Chapters, and their work. We have over 18 established and emerging Chapters around the world.

In addition to this we directly run a number of different activities and projects, all seeking to impact on global poverty. These center around a few specific themes.

Our focus is on supporting our Chapters and members within them to take forward projects, studies or research which they deem is of priority impact to them.

Global Health

Health Impact Fund (HIF) – incentivizing the development of new medicines for the global poor

Global Health Impact (GHI) Project – evaluating and comparing medicines’ global health impact

Global Impact Fund for Technology (GIFT) – To secure the future of human civilization, we must urgently reduce emissions, fast. To achieve this, many kinds of effective green innovations must be rapidly developed and deployed worldwide.


ASAP is proud to manage a portfolio of awards. Each fund we are responsible for has a specific theme or focus. We are immensely grateful to our partners and sponsors for their support, without them this important strand of our work would not be possible.

We are currently running the following funds:
– The Amartya Sen award
– The Ambedkar annual fund
– The ASAP award

For more details on this years funds please refer to the individual award pages in the links.

Amartya Sen Prize – This year, Global Financial Integrity, Academics Stand Against Poverty and Yale’s Global Justice Program will be awarding the ninth annual Amartya Sen Prizes to the two best original essays examining one particular component of illicit financial flows, the resulting harms, and possible avenues of reform.

Ambedkar Grants for Advancing Poverty Eradication (AGAPE) – In its first year, AGAPE aims to divide Rs. 8,00,000/- among ca. five promising projects that will pilot innovative approaches to poverty eradication in India.

The ASAP Award – Journal ASAP will confer three annual awards for poverty-focused academic work – all with nomination deadlines of 31 July 2024.

Journal ASAP


Academics Stand Against Poverty (Journal ASAP) is an international multidisciplinary journal published under the ISSN 2690-3458 (electronic edition) and ISSN 2690-3431 (print edition) by Academics Stand Against Poverty, a non-profit organization based in United States (EIN # 32-0324998).

Historic Projects


ASAP has also taken forward a number of activities and projects in the past focussing on global poverty. These include:

Linking Academics and Researchers


Global Colleagues – forming global partnerships between poverty researchers

Impact Interviews – sharing insights from global poverty experts

Institutional Reform


Institutional Reform Goals (IRG) – reforming global institutions that maintain the status quo

Global Poverty Consensus Report (GPCR) – a joint project of ASAP and CROP aiming to highlight existing academic consensus on the causes and remedies for global poverty.

Climate Change


Global Climate Change Week (GCCW) – encouraging academics in all disciplines and countries to engage with their students and communities on climate change

Economic, Social, and Cultural Rights and Climate Change – a legal guide detailing the links between climate change and human rights

Oslo Principles on Climate Change – detailing the existing legal obligations of states to curb climate change



Know Your Rights India (KYRI) – raising awareness of rights, entitlements and benefits in India

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