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Global Health

Health Impact Fund (HIF) – incentivizing the development of new medicines for the global poor

HIF proposes a new way to pay for the development and delivery of pharmaceutical innovation. Under HIF, pharmaceutical firms would have the option of registering their new medicines with HIF and agreeing to provide them at cost anywhere they are needed. Instead of profiting through drug sales, they would be rewarded based on the global health impact of their drug. The project is led by ASAP President, Thomas Pogge and economist Aidan Hollis. For more information, see here.


The Global Health Impact (GHI) Project – evaluating and comparing medicines’ Global Health Impact

The GHI Index is a rating system that evaluates the health impact of medicines for diseases around the world. Focusing particularly on TB, HIV/AIDS and malaria, GHI’s goal is to assess the need, effectiveness and accessibility of relevant medicines around the world. The project is led by Nicole Hassoun. For more information, see here.

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