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Mihaita Lupu

Co-chapter Lead

Mihai is the founder and catalyst of EduCaB, an international inter-institutional, interdisciplinary program and methodology, focused on nurturing non-formal educational, cultural and knowledge focused ecosystems in 1200+ small communities in various countries in Europe, Asia, Africa and Central America.

Mihai also co-founded and is the president of Short Film Breaks, an international short film festival with running activities in 7 countries, aiming to promote independent cinematography as means of education in rural areas, promoting human rights, global justice and environmental related initiatives.

He was a resident researcher of Charles F. Kettering Foundation, a US research institute focused on documenting and studying democratic practices. His main focus at Kettering was to look at the potential of the social infrastructure as a catalyst for more inclusive and civic engaged communities, with a focus on the role of libraries in this process.

Recently, Mihai founded and is developing Periphery Inc., an idea lab focused on nurturing innovative learning contexts by bringing together practitioners, scholars and policy makers.