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ASAP Writes Open Letter on Migration

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE. We are a global community of scholars from a range of disciplinary and geographic perspectives. We are concerned about the refugee crisis that is presently unfolding in the wider Mediterranean region and distressed by the inadequacy of official responses thus far.


ASAP Chapters: 15 and Growing Worldwide

ASAP now has fifteen Chapters launched or in development in Austria, Brazil, Cambodia, Canada, Germany, Greece, India, Italy, Mexico, Oceania, Romania, Spain, the United Kingdom, the United States, and West Africa. With more than 1,200 ASAP members working and studying in universities, research centers, and NGOs worldwide, the ASAP Chapter Network is growing rapidly. Chapters are exploring new ways of collaborating to contribute to the eradication of severe poverty. We’d like to share some of the Chapter accomplishments and help you get connected.

ASAP RomaniaSinaia Presentation 1 is exploring a possible research initiative on the welfare of elderly people in Romania, along with projects on poverty measurement aimed at influencing the Romanian development agency and on increasing coverage of poverty-related issues in the Romanian media.

ASAP Oceania published a response to the 2014-2015 Australian federal budget and its impact on the poor and marginalized; their report focuses particularly on foreign aid, indigenous communities, and welfare programs.

ASAP Germany is playing a key leadership role in the Global Colleagues project and recently held an event for the International Day for the Eradication of Poverty. They are also developing a research project on responsible investment and a group on economics and philosophy.

ASAP Austria is co-organizing a conference focused on absolute poverty with ASAP Germany, has recently completed a book on poverty in Austria, and has developed a mentoring program pairing up disadvantaged young people and college students.

asap usaASAP USA is interested in initiating projects on integrating the study of poverty into college curriculums and will hold a launch conference at Michigan State University in 2015. In New Haven, ASAP Global Headquarters, ASAP co-sponsored two public events on the Sustainable Development Goals and global justice in development, which featured scholars like Jeffrey Sachs, James Hansen, and Amartya Sen.

ASAP Brazil is researching the impact of Millennium Development Goal 2 – Achieve Universal Primary Education – in Brazil, and is negotiating with the Brazilian Ministry of Public Affairs for formal inclusion in its activities.

ASAP Canadaasap canada recently held a very successful event titled \”Rethinking Sustainability Beyond 2015: An Agenda for Citizen Action\”, which was attended by over 150 people and featured a presentation by Stephen Lewis.

ASAP Italy is planning to promote the debate over intellectual property rights and access to medicines among the main academic and institutional players in Italy.

ASAP Cambodia is planning a launch event in December and is interested in taking the Global Colleagues initiative forward.

ASAP Spainasap spain is planning a contest for the design of a universal flag of humanity and is developing a set of standards for ethical purchasing at

ASAP West Africa is planning a launch conference, to take place in Lagos in 2015, and is looking to conduct projects to improve quality of education across primary, secondary and tertiary levels.

ASAP IndiaAshok in B Nagar (1) is ASAP’s biggest Chapter, with roughly 125 members. They are currently working on the Know your Rights India and Global Colleagues projects, and have applied for a grant to initiate a project connecting university students with young people living in slums.

ASAP UK is developing a poverty audit, while concurrently conducting research projects comparing poverty in New Delhi and East London, and analyzing the role of the City of London in facilitating illicit financial flows.

Recently, the entire Chapter network was mobilized for the stop tax abuse petition. Chapter members were instrumental in the petition’s success.

Recognizing the importance of collaboration in addressing global poverty, we hope that the Chapter Network will continue to work closely and grow, uniting academics worldwide. New guidelines for chapters will be published on the website in the first quarter of 2015. Given the successes achieved thus far, we are excited about what the future holds for the Chapter Network.

The Chapters have recently redone their web pages – please see the ASAP website for further information and updates. If you would like to get involved with the Chapters, or any of the exciting projects outlined above, please reach out to the contact person listed below.

ASAP Austria: Gottfried Schweiger –

ASAP Brazil: Thana Campos –

ASAP Cambodia: Pahlaj Moolio –

ASAP Canada: Mitu Sengupta –

ASAP Germany: Robert Lepenies –

ASAP Greece: Gabriel Amistis –

ASAP India: Bijayalaxmi Nanda –

ASAP Italy: Mario Ascolese –

ASAP Mexico: David Aleman Mena –

ASAP Oceania: Keith Horton –

ASAP Romania: Diana Velica –

ASAP Spain: David Rodríguez-Arias –

ASAP United Kingdom: Steph Eldridge –

ASAP United States: Mladjo Ivanovic –

ASAP West Africa: Oluwaseun Olanrewaju –


ASAP Supports Campaign for UK Tax Dodging Bill

Money stock image

The Tax Dodging Bill, an ActionAid campaign that calls for the next UK government to confront tax abuse, continues to gain support from academics and economists. Thus far, approximately 27,000 people have supported the bill by signing an online petition.

ASAP President Thomas Pogge has signed onto the campaign and encourages members to do the same.

Tax abuse remains a central focus for ASAP because it is so harmful for developing countries. For instance, tax abuse results in significant loss of public revenues that could otherwise be used to combat extreme poverty. Developing countries are much more affected by this issue than wealthier countries because they are more dependent on corporate taxes. Considering that governments play a role in perpetuating tax abuse, the Tax Dodging Bill is pushing the UK government to address the issue by introducing new legislation and reforming existing laws that contribute to the problem.

More signatures and support for the campaign will put pressure on the UK to tackle this urgent issue, which in turn can influence other governments to take a similar stand.


ASAP UK Seeking Volunteer Research & Coordination Assistant

vote hereInspired by ASAP Oceania’s successful Political Party Manifesto poverty audit of the Australian election in August 2013, ASAP UK is conducting a similar process for the UK General election in May 2015. The purpose is twofold:

1. To provide rigorous assessment and critique of the manifesto of each political party from the perspective of their policies\’ impact on global and national poverty. The findings will be reported in an edited online volume produced by ASAP UK, with chapters written by leading academics in the ASAP UK network.

2. To generate a public debate around the importance of addressing poverty in the lead-up to the elections, including raising awareness of the poverty implications of different parties\’ policies. The Audit outcomes will be featured in the Guardian\’s Poverty Matters Blog and highlighted in the work of several partner organizations.

We are looking for a Master’s or Ph.D. student to volunteer as Research and Coordination Assistant for the project. The role will require you to:

  • Research status of manifestos – pull together past manifestos, liaise with current political party manifesto authors, identify relevant speeches
  • Organise events in January and April – bringing the academic authors together with policy partners, including developing initial briefing material
  • Liaise with academic authors and policy partners
  • Manage project timeline and overview

You will be working with Cat Tully, the ASAP UK co-chair, who will provide regular direction and support as needed. The role will require about 10 hours volunteering a week in January, probably less in February and March, and then again around 10 hours per week in April. Benefits of volunteering include networking opportunities, being named as a contributor to the edited volume, and letter of recommendation, based on performance, as well as unique insight into academic-policy interface. If you are interested, please send CV and brief description of why you’re interested to Cat by the 24th Dec on All applicants will be considered, but those based in the UK will be preferred.


Join the ASAP Team: Applications Wanted for Staff and Volunteer Roles

Having written an ambitious three-year strategic plan, ASAP is now seeking to expand its global team. There are exciting opportunities to work with ASAP as a paid staff person, a board member or officer, and for students to work as chapter interns. A broad array of skills and experience are sought for these roles, and applications are welcome from academics and practitioners alike. Please read on for role descriptions and application details and share this message widely. We look forward to hearing from you.

Staff Position: Program Manager

The Program Manager will support the Global Coordinator in overall coordination of ASAP Global, volunteer and member activity management, and financial development.

Key responsibilities may include, but are not limited to:

  • Developing content for the ASAP website
  • Website improvements and routine maintenance
  • Maintaining ASAP Facebook page and Twitter feed
  • Drafting ASAP promotional materials
  • Supporting the ASAP chapter network
  • Researching funding opportunities
  • Event planning
  • Contributing to ASAP projects as needed
  • Responding to e-mails from ASAP members
  • Minor financial administration

Desired skills, experience, and qualities:

  • Ideally, candidates will be within commuting distance of New Haven, CT
  • A bachelor’s degree and strong academic record
  • Past success in administrative, project management, and/or leadership roles (e.g. worked as campaign manager, research assistant, or operations lead)
  • Strong commitment to social justice
  • Strong communication skills
  • Strong time management skills
  • Enthusiasm for the ASAP mission
  • Knowledge of WordPress a plus

Application information:

To apply, please send a résumé or CV and an application statement of 400 words or fewer explaining your interest in the role and salient experience to Rachel Payne at with the subject line Program Manager.

  • Position type: staff, part-time
  • Application deadline: Wednesday, October 1, 2014
  • Start date: to be negotiated
  • Initial commitment: one year
  • Compensation: competitive, based on experience
  • Location: New Haven, CT, USA
  • Reports to: Luis Cabrera, Vice President

Board Position: Treasurer

The Treasurer will have primary responsibility for overseeing the management and reporting of an ASAP’s finances. Specific duties will include bank account maintenance, payment of ASAP staff, financial transaction oversight, developing an annual budget, overseeing the development and observation of ASAP’s financial policies, and completing required financial reporting forms. Candidates with experience working with the financial aspects of US-based nonprofits and familiar with the exemption requirements of 501(c)(3) tax status will be strongly preferred. Both academics and practitioners are encouraged to apply.

The Treasurer will sit on the ASAP Board of Directors, participating in monthly board meetings, and sharing fiduciary responsibility for ASAP.

Application information:

To apply, please send a résumé or CV and an application statement of 400 words or fewer explaining your interest in the role and your salient experience to Rachel Payne at with the subject line Treasurer.

  • Position type: volunteer
  • Application deadline: Wednesday, October 1, 2014
  • Start date: October, 2014
  • Initial commitment: one year

Officer Position: Media Relations Officer

The Media Relations Officer will be responsible for all planned publicity campaigns and public relations activities. The officer will work with the Communications Director and Web Director to identify publicity strategies, will handle inquiries from the media (press) and will provide other officers and board members with information relevant to promoting ASAP. An individual with a background in media studies, journalism, and/or behavioral studies with some experience in media relations would best fit this position. Both academics and practitioners are encouraged to apply.

The Media Relations Officer will work closely with the Board but will not have Board duties.

Application information:

To apply, please send a résumé or CV and an application statement of 400 words or fewer explaining your interest in the role and your salient experience to Rachel Payne at with the subject line Media Relations Officer.

  • Position type: volunteer
  • Application deadline: Wednesday, October 1, 2014
  • Start date: October, 2014
  • Initial commitment: one year

UK Chapter Intern Positions: Fundraising, Web, Membership, and Strategy

ASAP UK has recently written a new strategic plan and is seeking four committed interns to help its achieve its goals. These interns will work in the areas of fundraising, website and social media, membership and engagement, and strategy and administration, respectively. Any individual is welcome to apply, but preference will be given to those based in the UK. Please note that these internships are unpaid.

Details on each of these volunteer roles is provided at this link.

Application information:

To apply, please send a short statement of interest and a description of your qualifications to UK Chapter Coordinator Steph Eldridge at with the subject line Intern.

  • Position type: volunteer
  • Application deadline: Wednesday, October 1, 2014
  • Start date: October 2014
  • Initial commitment: three months

Volunteers Wanted to Help Carry out ASAP UK\’s New Strategic Plan

ASAP UK is seeking support from four committed volunteers to help develop the chapter and implement its strategic plan over the next twelve months. Applications due August 25.


ASAP Welcomes Dynamic New Global Board Members and Officers

Academics Stand Against Poverty has added significantly to its poverty and organizational expertise with the appointment of three new members to its Global Board of Directors, as well as communications and web officers.

Joining the Board are Helen Yanacopulos of the Open University in the United Kingdom as Fundraising Director, and Jason Hickel of the London School of Economics and Political Science as Membership Director. Miles Thompson of Canterbury Christ Church University will serve as Web Director.

Helen Yanacopulos

Ellen Szarleta of Indiana University Northwest has been appointed Global Communications Director, and Oskar MacGregor of the University of Skovde in Sweden will serve as Vice-Chair of a new ASAP Web Committee. The Board expansion and creation of officer positions is designed to help ASAP meet both its expanding remit and growth in membership. Directors and officers will be tasked with overseeing all aspects of operations in their designated areas, and with generating ideas and creating opportunities for ASAP members to become more directly involved.

As Fundraising Director, Yanacopulos will oversee specific campaigns and help develop ongoing support for ASAP activities. She is Senior Lecturer in International Politics and Development at the Open University in Milton Keynes, just north of London. She holds a PhD in Politics from the University of Cambridge, an MA in International Development from the University of East Anglia, and a BA in International Relations from the University of British Columbia.

Her areas of expertise include international NGOs, social movements, civil society networks, public engagement and media in development. She has been an academic consultant for the British Broadcasting Corporation on various International Development-related television series, and she is the editor for the Zed Books’ ‘Development Matters’ series. Her latest book, NGO Engagement, Activism and Advocacy will be published by Palgrave in 2015.

“One of the most powerful roles that academics can play is to critically engage wider publics, beyond students and other academics, around development, inequality and social justice,” Yanacopulos said.  “ASAP is a unique organisation whose mission matches my own; it is an honor to be appointed to the ASAP Board!”

Jason Hickel

Hickel, as Membership Director, will lead efforts to develop member volunteer opportunities and enhance recruiting. He is Lecturer in Anthropology at LSE, and received his PhD in Anthropology from the University of Virginia in 2011. His core research looks at how the moral values that underpin western liberalism are contested in South Africa. His forthcoming book, Democracy as Death: The Making of Anti-Liberal Politics in South Africa (University of California Press), explores why many migrant workers from rural Zululand regard certain liberal elements of “democracy” as morally repulsive and socially destructive.

Hickel’s work has been funded by Fulbright-Hays, the National Science Foundation, the Wenner-Gren Foundation, and the Charlotte W. Newcombe Foundation. In addition to his academic research, he contributes to Al Jazeera, Le Monde Diplomatique, Global Policy, Monthly Review, The Africa Report and other online outlets. A recent Al Jazeera piece on the World Bank’s ‘Doing Business’ scheme can be viewed here.

“I am thrilled to be joining the ASAP Board,” Hickel said. “I’ve long admired what ASAP stands for, and I believe it has the potential to gain serious momentum in the coming years as a platform for academics to take a stand not only against poverty, but – even more importantly – against the ultimate drivers of poverty. This is particularly urgent in the wake of the recent financial crisis, which exposed the pathologies of an economic system that enriches a few at the expense of the world’s majority. People are beginning to seek alternatives to this system, and ASAP is perfectly poised to lead the conversation.”

miles thompson

Thompson is Senior Lecturer in Psychology and brings to the Web Director role several years’ experience in a similar role for the Association of Contextual Behavioral Science. Besides his academic work, Thompson continues to practice as a clinical psychologist. He earned his PhD in Psychology at Goldsmiths University of London, and a PhD in Clinical Psychology at the University of Plymouth in the UK.

Thompson said that, although his academic training was not focused on poverty issues, “the mission of ASAP is very close to my heart and current research programme. I echo the idea that seems central to ASAP: that academics interested in helping to reduce global poverty can have most impact by collaborating across the disciplinary and hierarchical boundaries within academia. Also by collaborating across the boundaries that can exist between academic institutions and the outside world.”

Ellen Szarleta

Szarleta serves as Director for the Center for Urban and Regional Excellence (CURE) at Indiana University Northwest in Gary, Indiana, just outside Chicago. She earned a PhD in Agricultural Economics at the University of Wisconsin-Madison in 1987, and a Juris Doctorate from the University of Iowa in 1995. Her courses include public health, environmental policy and law, and her academic publications have focused on issues related to environmental sustainability. She has a long record of funded research and collaborative activities.

Oskar Macgregor

Macgregor is Senior Lecturer in Cognitive Neuroscience at Skovde, and an Adjunct Lecturer in Philosophy at the Centre for Applied Philosophy and Public Ethics and Charles Sturt University in Wagga Wagga, Australia. He completed his PhD at Swansea University in Wales, United Kingdom, in 2013, and he has published on issues in cognitive neuroscience and the ethics of sport. He brings to the Web Vice Chair post several years’ experience as website manager for the British Philosophy of Sport Association.

The appointments expand the ASAP Board from eight members to 12, working in seven countries. ASAP continues to interview for new officer roles, and further appointments are expected to be announced soon.

For more information, contact ASAP Vice President Luis Cabrera at

Impact Interviews

Impact Stories: SOAS PhD Student Robtel Neajai Pailey Uses Innovative Methods to Tackle Corruption in Her Native Liberia

Elaine Kellman speaks with Robtel Neajai Pailey, a Mo Ibrahim Foundation Ph.D. Scholar at the School of Oriental and African Studies (SOAS), University of London, who is battling corruption in Liberia.


Volunteer with ASAP UK

ASAP UK is looking for 3 volunteers to help with the development of its projects and growth over the coming year. Short applications are due Friday, January 17.


\”HIF for Education\” Explored by Gordon Brown

An online educational analogue to the Health Impact Fund is currently being developed by Gordon Brown, the UN Special Envoy for Global Education, to provide free primary secondary, and tertiary education courses that would be universally accessible in developed and developing countries.