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The Tenth Annual Amartya Sen Essay Prize Competition

With Global Financial Integrity and Academics Stand Against Poverty, the Global Justice Program is announcing the Tenth Annual Amartya Sen Essay Prize competition.

This year, Global Financial Integrity, Academics Stand Against Poverty and Yale\’s Global Justice Program will be awarding the tenth annual Amartya Sen Prizes to the two best original essays examining one particular component of illicit financial flows, the resulting harms, and possible avenues of reform. Essays should be about 7,000 to 9,000 words long. There is a first prize of $5,000 and a second prize of $3,000. Winning essays must be available for publication in Journal Academics Stand Against Poverty.

The essay should explain the persistence of the harmful activity in terms of relevant incentives and enabling conditions and, based on your explanation, propose plausible ways to curtail the problem. Such reform efforts might be proposed at diverse levels, including supranational rules and regimes, national rules, corporate policies, professional ethics, individual initiatives, or any combination thereof. The task is to identify who has the responsibility, the capacity and (potentially) the knowledge and motivation to change behavior toward effective curtailment. Special consideration will be given to papers that provide a detailed description of how change may come about in a particular geographical or sectoral context.

The winning essays must arrive by 31 August 2023 and be available for publication in Journal ASAP. For full details, see


2022 Journal ASAP Nominations


Starting this year, Journal ASAP will confer three annual awards for poverty-focused academic work – all with nomination deadlines of 31 July 2023.

  1. An ASAP Lifetime Achievement Award for constructive work related to poverty.
  2. An ASAP Book of the Year Award for the best book on a poverty-related subject, published in 2022 and written by a single author or group of authors.
  3. An ASAP Book of the Year Award for the best collection of poverty-related essays by different authors published in 2022.

Eligible work may contribute to the definition, description, explanation, assessment, or eradication of poverty and attend to any of the special challenges poor people face in regard to nutrition, water, shelter, health and health care, sanitation, clothing, and personal care, energy, education, social and political participation and respect, physical safety, family planning, environmental degradations and hazards, working conditions in employment and at home, navigating governmental agencies and the legal system, banking and credit, travel and transportation, and communications.

For details about nominations and selection, please click here.


Call for Papers: A human-centered approach to health innovations

Global Justice Program, Yale

As the COVID-19 pandemic and global health exigencies show, many important vaccines, treatments, diagnostics, and other health technologies remain unaffordable or inaccessible to millions of people, many of whom suffer or die as a result.

We invite activists, academics, policymakers, industry representatives, and health professionals to contribute to an edited open-access volume advancing a human-centered approach to health innovations.

Contributors will be invited to present their draft essays at a hybrid workshop in New Haven, October 28-30, 2022.

For further details see globaljustice/yale/edu/hca


Ambedkar Grants for Advancing Poverty Eradication, Funding Opportunity

AGAPE is an initiative by Academics Stand Against Poverty (ASAP) to fund promising projects that will pilot innovative approaches to poverty eradication.


2022 Global Justice Programme and ASAP

\”Technology & Justice\”

An exciting yet insightful and informative conference, in collaboration with ASAP, Yale University, the Global Justice Program, and Quinnipiac University took place over a span of three days. Many of the panel sessions centered around themes associated with technology, justice, and the use of artificial intelligence were discussed.

Our very own ASAP session hosted a number of ASAP members as speakers. We look forward to our next annual conference where we welcome and encourage all our members to share their projects and published papers.


Campaign – The Russian Invasion of Ukraine: Making Tourism a Force for Peace

The Russian Invasion of Ukraine: Making Tourism a Force for Peace – A Call From Tourism and Hospitality Academicians and Students
On February 24, 2022, the Russian Federation invaded Ukraine and so began the largest assault on a European state since 1945.

Please sign the following campaign:

Accordingly, tourism academicians:

• voice support for the call from Colombia, Guatemala, Lithuania, Poland, Slovenia, and Ukraine requesting the suspension of the membership of the Russian Federation from the UNWTO in accordance with Article 34 of the Statutes for conducting a policy, contrary to the fundamental aim of the Organization as enshrined in Article 3 of the Statutes of the UNWTO [12].

• call on the members of the World Travel and Tourism Council to suspend any business operations they have in the Russian Federation and to make the extent of their business operations in the country transparent to the travelling public.

• call on tourism-related academic departments and institutions to suspend all institutional relations with departments and institutions in the Russian Federation.

In order to fulfill the values of tourism as a force for peace, and to reinforce sanctions regimes we further encourage:

• all travel and tourism businesses to suspend their activities that enable tourist traffic to and from the Russian Federation.

• ask all tourists to not travel to the Russian Federation until such time as Russia has withdrawn from Ukraine and ceased its armed aggression in compliance with UN General Assembly Resolutions.

In conclusion, we invite representatives of the tourism and hospitality academy and students of tourism and related fields of study to sign this petition against the Russian invasion of Ukraine.  If you support this initiative, please support our action by signing and by sharing:  

Let us make a #TourismForceForPeace until justice has been served.


Michal Apollo, University of Silesia in Katowice, Poland; Global Justice Program, Yale University, USA; Academics Stand Against Poverty, USA

C. Michael Hall, University of Canterbury, New Zealand; Oulu University, Finland; Linnaeus University, Sweden; Lund University, Sweden; Taylor\’s University, Malaysia; Co-editor, Current Issues in Tourism

Ian Wickens, On Tourism & Sustainability, UK


29th April, 3pm – 4pm (BST time) Book Launch – Cities Without Capitalism

This book explores the interconnections between urbanization and capitalism to examine the current condition of cities due to capitalism. It brings together interdisciplinary insights from leading academics, activists and researchers to envision progressive, anti-capitalist changes for the future of cities.


Launch of the ASAP Journal

ASAP is proud to announce the launch of the first edition of the Academics Stand Against Poverty Journal.

The journal includes work from many good people, especially in the Global South, who have interesting and constructive things to say on poverty.

We hope you will like some of the essays in it and will help the journal find suitable topics and authors, especially from the global South, for future issues.

The next edition of the Journal will include essays from our three 2021 Sen Prize winners. You can see their oral presentations here:

Thank you to all those involved for helping Journal ASAP in various ways, as reviewers, talent scouts, editors, advisors … and authors.

We are also interested in contributions for future editions: consider writing something for your Journal ASAP.